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White Night Melbourne 2014

White Night, according to its website, was conceived in Paris in 2002 as Nuit Blanche, and has since expanded its program to over 20 other cities worldwide. Melbourne was the first Australian city to hold a White Night in 2013, and the inaugural event attracted over a quarter of a million attendees.

I first heard of White Night just before its Melburnian debut last year, but was sadly unable to go. I was entranced by my friends' pictures, posted on social media, of well-known public spaces transformed by light and colour - much like scenes you'd find at one of my favourite Melbourne events: the annual Gertrude Street Projection Festival. But White Night, as I understood, was bigger (being held across a number of public spaces), longer (running for 12 hours, from 7pm to 7am), more central (being in the CBD), and offered an array of further attractions. Despite not understanding the name at all (white? but it's so colourful!), I'd heard tales of a fantastic buzz among th…

Cooking Class: Entertaining - Spanish Style!

My chef buddy - whom I've known for years, and whose name I'm going to have to tell you now, since he's deigned to join Twitter, finally - gave a cooking class in Cremorne last week and kindly invited me and my bestie to partake.

Mark Favaloro (Twitter handle @ChefFluffy... don't ask) and his sidekick, Shane Kenny (@Shane_Kenny987), met whilst working at the original MoVida, where Shane still holds the fort. Mark now heads up the kitchen at Naked In The Sky on Brunswick Street, and has maintained a strong interest in (and talent for) Spanish cooking.

Hence, the theme of this class was "Entertaining - Spanish Style!" and, for a fee, was open to members of the public. Along with other foodies and food appreciators, we were treated to a hands-on demonstration, and (thankfully) the consumption of several tapas dishes and a calamari paella.

Eurostore Australia (17a Palmer Parade, Cremorne) was the venue: a foodies' haven hidden away in an industrial street a fe…