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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Sydney: Frankie's Pizza

This joint is the kind of joint you call a joint. Know what I mean?

It's only been open a few months, and it ain't much to look at from the outside, but inside it's retro, kitsch, fun and loud. A funky lil downtown craft beer bar and pizza joint.

Bar, complete with booths and disco ball

Fluoro numbers let you know when your pizza's ready 

Frankie's Pizza is marked by a fluoro sign outside its bouncer-minded doorway at 50 Hunter Street, Sydney. It doesn't appear to have a website as yet, or even a phone number, so you'll just have to trust me on this.

Head down a stairwell and you'll find yourself in a friendly-feeling, dimly-lit pizza restaurant with classic red checked tablecloths and a central bar. Pizza is by the slice or by the pie and it's pretty decent:

Spinach pizza

Can't remember... Something like Capricciosa?

Through a side door is where the real party hides. A long, dark den serves as the main bar, and it really takes kitsch to town. There are disco balls, fluoro lights, graphic-style posters, booths, fairy lights, garish colours, low-hanging lampshades.

The staff are friendly and easygoing, making it fun to order, and maybe even have a chat. This place apparently prides itself on its beer, but not being a beer drinker, I couldn't evaluate it for you, sorry. But I could evaluate the toilets, which are pretty standard bar the awesome old-school music posters:

If you are not sure... Go! I promise you'll have fun.

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