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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Sydney: Bourke Street Bakery, Fish Market

It was one of those places that became fashionable with hipsters before hipsters were even really a thing. But Bourke Street Bakery (633 Bourke Street, Surry Hills) has apparently stood the test of time, consistently churning out great baked goods and coffee since 2004, expanding to four locations in all the hippest areas of Sydney.

Being a coffee addict who needs at least one decent espresso-based coffee to start the day, my family try to mix it up for me every time I visit them in Sydney. We try all the local cafes, plus more, and naturally there are a few favourites. I hadn't been to Bourke Street Bakery before, but I'm pretty sure I'll be going back.

We rocked up three days after Christmas and there was a queue. It's not unusual, apparently, but it was fine, because it moved quickly. Which unfortunately didn't give me a lot of time to peruse the baked items on display in the window.

When I got to the front of the queue in the tiny shop, there almost seemed to be as many staff as customers - probably needed to meet the demand! They all looked harried but moved around each other quickly, like chess pieces. I ordered my four coffees (not all for me... ) and breakfast (a croissant, and a berry muffin for sharing) and sat outside to await my caffeine delivery at one of the rustic-style tables.

Young good-looking hipsters delivered our coffees - all but mine :(  Once I queried it, things were hurriedly righted and my yummy coffee hit the spot.

After caffeination, we headed over to another Sydney institution, the Sydney Fish Market (Bank Street, Pyrmont):

Despite the stink and crowds, it's well worth a visit for the buzz and of course, the freshest catches in Sydney.

Crabs looking at me warily 


It's actually been tidied up a lot, with far less slimy floors than I remember during my childhood, slicker shops and wider choice.

Layout-wise, it's still pretty messy - but who cares, when all you want is some awesome fish 'n' chips that you can eat right there on the pier, looking back towards the Anzac Bridge.

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