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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Naked In The Sky (above Naked For Satan)

Despite the name, no one got naked here. Sadly. I'm still waiting for the day when Naked For Satan (downstairs) hosts a nudist Satanists party, amped with flavoured vodkas and THE BEST CROQUETTES EVER ('cause they're pretty friggin' awesome). I guess the new upstairs venue, Naked In The Sky (285 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy), would be the meeting place for naked angels. Or birds without their feathers. Or Supermen without their capes. Or something.

I digress.

My now-ex-housemate - let's call him 'The Chef' - started working at Naked In The Sky (which, frankly, I'd rather not think about in too much detail) when it opened, so I've been hearing of this place for quite a while. Prior to Christmas, just after opening, it had queues of patrons waiting to get in on Friday and Saturday nights. I was happy to wait until January to check it out.

An out-of-town friend was staying with me, and what else do you do with out-of-towners in Melbourne but take them to rooftop bars?! (She was happy to go... I didn't drag her, promise.) We gathered a posse and met for late arvo Saturday drinks on the rooftop.

The rooftop level was much larger than I'd expected. There's a long bar inside, a seated indoor restaurant area, and a massive wrap-around balcony with views of the city, surrounding Fitzroy, and the north. Not necessarily gorgeous things to look at (commission housing at its best!), but tantalising nonetheless for its novelty. And oh, the sunshine!

Brunswick/Johnston Street intersection from Naked In The Sky

Naked In The Sky doesn't feel bare at all. It is clear, solid and colourful: sturdy wooden flooring, marble-topped tables, colourful chairs, glass casing round the edge, and classic coloured lightbulbs overhead.

Balcony at Naked In The Sky

Food is served on wooden chopping boards or on rustic-looking plates. We all LOVED the fried cheese and walnut wedges, served with quince aioli. The eggplant chips, served with honey and blue cheese, were pretty awesome, and the prawn skewers were also quite tasty. We also had some weird paprika doughball things called pan frito which were okay, and the txistorra rolls (pork wrapped in pastry) were disappointingly small and a bit stodgy - probably not worth it.

Eggplant chips with honey and blue cheese

Fried cheese and walnut wedges with quince aioli

Some of the wines were fantastic, some mediocre. We mostly drank Italian Pinot Grigio and Rose. A pink slurpee-style icy cocktail with pomegranate and aperol, served with a cocktail umbrella, was perfect on a hot afternoon and a hit with the girls.


Pomegranate aperol slurpee cocktail

Just FYI, being a new place, and being in the sky and all, there were some *very* cool people there. If this doesn't deter you, it makes for some fun people-watching. Or perving. As the case may be.

Naked In The Sky is a very pleasant place in which to wile away the afternoon. Take sunscreen and wear cool threads. Order the cheese wedges and eggplant chips, and try different drinks til you find one you like. Don't forget to take pics of the view. And definitely say hi to the chefs!  ;)

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