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Palace Westgarth

Due to a childhood filled with forced visits to antique shops, I now have a solid fondness for Art Deco and Nouveau architecture, furniture, jewellery and design. What, at the time, was a begrudging exercise for me, has actually cultivated an appreciation that I now enjoy. I guess I should thank my parents at some point...

So, naturally, whenever I come across a cinema with Deco stylings, I become inordinately excited. Although Palace Westgarth isn't as decadent or magic-filled as some Deco cinemas I've seen (looking at you, Hayden Orpheum Cremorne and Village Rivoli Camberwell), it still has plenty of charm and enough features for me to want to take photos. Hence this blog post!

What is now Palace Westgarth originally opened as the Westgarth Theatre in 1920. Increased immigration levels and proximity to the city led to burgeoning growth in the area, and a small strip of bohemian shops sprang up at the southern end of High Street, Northcote. The area retained a village feel, a…

Napier Hotel

Regular readers of this blog will know I'm a fan of the classic Aussie pub. When it comes to the Napier Hotel (210 Napier Street, corner of Moor Street, Fitzroy), a lot of rave-phrases (hereonin referred to as phraveses - just cos I can) have been thrown around. Reviewers point out the pub's 'commitment to the old-school Fitzroy vibe', its support of the long-defunct Fitzroy Lions*, and inevitably mention its infamous Bogan Burger - a meal which the pub is no doubt trying to disassociate itself from, at least somewhat (as revealed by the words "Not Just Bogan Burgers!" on the menu section of its website) - possibly due to the gentrification of Fitzroy overall, and the prolific rise of foodies in Melbourne (ahem).

And here comes the crunch: Although I like the Napier, I don't love it. I don't mind it. There are better pubs around, in my opinion. Despite this, it is still very popular, raking in a 92% approval rate on Urbanspoon at the time of writing.