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Miss Jackson

As you may have gathered, I tend to stay northside in Melbourne. This is due to several factors:
I'm very lazy.The coffee northside is waaay closer to my house, and I can't operate until I've been caffeinated.I don't have a car and who can be arsed PT-ing when you don't really have to?!There is a BUCKETLOAD of Awesome on the north side, and I came to Melbourne from Sydney for a different vibe - why would I visit the side of Melbourne that is most like Sydney?! (On a side note, I find it quite hilarious how there's a north/southside divide in Melbourne, much like in Sydney... Waterways, eh? They could cause wars!) 
HOWEVER, on the very odd occasion, I venture out of my comfort zone to other suburbs (hey, sometimes even other CITIES! I know, right) and whilst there, I try to milk said unknown area for its best coffee/food/venues available. Recently, I spent a night in St Kilda prior to a weekend day trip, which meant that early one Saturday morn, I was able to che…

Sydney: Posto No. 19

Not far from my parents' place in Rushcutters Bay is a charming, bright, clean cafe that I just recently discovered for the first time.

Posto No. 19 (19a Boundary Street, Rushcutters Bay) (not to be confused with Il Posto in Paddington, Brisbane) is neatly tucked into a shady side of Boundary Street, morphing from a wide, open street-side window and mezzanine dining area, complete with communal table, down to a sunken bar and dining area with cushioned bench seating, and kitchen. The decor is cool, contrasting and shiny, with dark polished concrete flooring, loads of natural light, and lots of glass. Personality comes through touches of beachside retreat and quirky antiques, with neutral colours, stripey cushions, white plates and pastel blue cups, and hand-drawn framed illustrations arranged in an arty bunch on the wall.

My mother's all about 'clean' food, and this place has that down to a tee. (Lucky for her, then, that it's so close!) By 'clean', she mean…

Good Food Month 2013 Night Noodle Markets, Melbourne

If you've read my blog before, you'll know how often I bemoan the lack of awesome, accessible Asian food in Melbourne (distinct as separate Asian cuisines) at everyday prices. One of the things I missed most about Sydney after moving to Melbourne was the Good Food MonthNight Noodle Markets, held in Hyde Park every year since I was a teenager in the '90s. A central location, pretty lanterns, chilled music, and a few plastic chairs and tables was all that was needed to accompany a bunch of stalls selling noodles or grog to make what I consider a Perfect Night Out. So you can imagine my excitement when it was announced that this year's Good Food Month would be introducing Melbourne's inaugural Night Noodle Markets in Alexandra Gardens. Wheeeeeeeeee!

Along with half of Melbourne, I attended its first evening last night (Monday). Here are my observations.

1.  Expect a crowd. 
Melburnians really like food events, outdoor events, pop-up events, and anything considered even…

Sydney: Gelato Messina Darlinghurst

I'm not much of an ice-cream person.

I know, I know: disgrace to womankind, blah blah. (For the record, and in my defense, I am definitely a chocolate kind of a person.)

HOWEVER, when there is awesomeness available (usually less often in stock-standard, over-sugary, too-creamy versions of ice-cream, and more often in unusual-flavoured, fresh, fruity, beautiful-consistency gelato kinds), I will partake. Willingly.

When in Sydney, I usually hover around the inner-Eastern suburbs, and it's not unusual for me to be on Victoria Street, Darlinghurst, at least once most days. And there, right in the guts, not far from the corner of Liverpool Street, is Gelato Messina, one of the better (and most-revered) frozen-sweetness-peddlers in the country.

Nick Palumbo's obsession with gelato began as a teen. In 2002, he established Gelato Messina and is still a co-owner. Number 241 Victoria Street is Gelato Messina's retail home, while number 243 houses the "Creative Department&qu…