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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Dandelion, Blue Tongue, QPO, Prince Patrick

Last week was Double-Christmas-Party-Day for me. First up, my immediate team and I went to Dandelion (133 Ormond Road, Elwood) for a late lunch - one of Geoff Lindsay's AWSBALLZ venues that we'd all heard a lot about, but never tried. Put quite simply: it was amazing.

There were seven of us (including one vegetarian and one non-seafood-eater), so we shared a bunch of entrees and then ordered one of every main we could see on the menu (from the Curries/Claypots and Coconut Grill sections). Entree standouts were the tiger prawns - HUGE and so fresh - and the soft shell crab and avocado with "Mrs T's magical sauce" - no idea what was in it, but it included shredded coconut and was fantastic. The mains I can remember were goat curry, fish curry, BBQ ribs (their signature dish - a must-try), pork belly, clams, and wagyu steak. Needless to say, the vego/non-seafood members of our party didn't fare overly well, but at least almost every dish came with a side salad.

Unfortunately, I was too busy/tipsy to take many photos, but I did take this one of my manager's dessert:

I had mini pancakes for dessert, which were topped with a shredded coconut mixture. Delish!

Our waiter was also fantastic. He knew we were 'hospitality types' and was very accommodating and friendly. I asked for a dessert wine and he gave me the leftovers of a high-end French bottle, opened but not finished by a party the night before. It was so good, I could have drunk that all day in lieu of food! But the food was great too :)

Following Christmas Party #1, we traipsed down the road to Blue Tongue (62 Ormond Road, Elwood), apparently an Elwood institution. Meh; I thought it was OK. We sat outside in 29-degree heat (fortunately, there was a canvas shade overhead) at unassuming-looking wooden benches, and had a few beers. The waitress was a cutie-patootie and my work boys very much enjoyed her looking after us! I could see how Blue Tongue would be a stalwart for locals, but I won't be going out of my way to go back.

Christmas Party #2 was in the upstairs function room of QPO (186 High Street, Kew), right on the forked junction of Kew. As this was a sit-down dinner for around 70 people, the menu and drinks options had obviously been limited. However, we did get to choose our own entree, main and dessert out of a few choices, and if I could have eaten any (I was soooo full from lunch), I'm sure it would have been quite serviceable. The wine was nice! And the young service-folk (I'm showing my age here, ha) were bright and accommodating, if somewhat bored-looking. Everything ran quite smoothly, so I'm sure QPO could be recommended for similar functions. There was also a pleasant view of the sunset from the windows.

Embarrassingly, I then went on to meet friends at the Prince Patrick on Victoria Parade - my new local. I am already on a first-name basis with most of the staff there, after having lived in my new place for only three weeks. Shameful! I was quite trolleyed and it was late, so I only managed one Frangelico on the rocks there before heading home for further shenanigans with my friends in the privacy of my own walls!

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