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Sunday, 26 May 2013

New York Tomato

I wanted to try this cafe just for its name! I've popped in to New York Tomato (corner New & York Streets, Richmond... well, that explains the name) a few times now, and I'm starting to really enjoy it.

Dad joke alert

From the outside, New York Tomato is hardly obvious. It's almost on top of the South Morang train line, a block or two south of North Richmond Station. The cafe venue itself is the last subdivision of a row of warehouse conversions, only recognisable by the fact that its small frontage is open to the street and often landmarked by a pretty scooter. (Can you call a motorised bike pretty? ...ahhhh fuggit.)

Once you realise you've got the right place, you're basically already in the courtyard, which is effectively the main dining area. It's cosy and covered, but still 'open air', so I'll be interested to see how the place fares during winter.

Behind the courtyard area, just indoors, is the compactly arranged kitchen, serving counter, and limited bench seating along the window, plus a stairway to another dining space upstairs.

Sitting outside

The coffee is Melba Organic and since the installation of a new machine a few months ago, it's tasting a lot better.

I wouldn't put this place top of my list for coffee though (not that its shite): the main attraction is the cool and relaxed warehouse vibe, closely followed by the funky food.

Warehouse conversion much??

One of the spunky menu covers. So hot I wanted to marry it

The food sure packs a punch - this brekkie ain't for the lighthearted. The new winter menu has just been released and everything seems to have rocket, chilli or chipolata involved: definitely STRONG flavours (but I like that).

The Winter Eggs sound pretty awsballz

Variety of foodal influences

What's a New York-related cafe without heapsa bagel options?

"Workers" Bagel with extra bacon (hangover food)

Something amazeballs from the old menu with rocket, pumpkin, corn cake

When I last went to New York Tomato, I sat upstairs for the first time. It's a light-filled space with strong colours, chunky fittings and bench seating. I had the run of the room to myself, and basically made the staff members variously trek upstairs to deliver the menu, drinks, food, etc. They didn't seem to mind though, and despite sitting directly under a speaker playing (cool) loud funk music whilst nursing a hangover, I very much enjoyed the overall experience.

Hopper-esque.  No?


Street view and buckets of natural light

"Men Are So Ardent" - really??

While every other lower Northside cafe seems to try really hard to be ultra hip(ster) and have a little bit of delicate-classy food based on whatever ingredients are cool right now, New York Tomato is just itself: kinda full-on, but spunky. I like it.

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