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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Gas Eatery, Brighton Beach

Saturday brunch [noun]: Re-caffeination and hefty dose of egg-based sustenance following a traditionally large Friday night out. Performed alone or with the support and company of equally hungover friends.

I'd wanted to try Gas Eatery (253 Coventry Street, South Melbourne) for brunch the last few times I'd been to South Melbourne Market. Always waylaid by other plans or further shopping, it never seemed to happen. So when a friend suggested a group recovery Saturday brunch on Melbourne's south side, I suggested Gas.

It was a lovely sunny day, full of Vitamin E and other such hangover benefits, so we were lucky to get a spot outside, thankfully under umbrellas. According to a handwritten sign perched on our table, the outdoor furniture was for sale and on loan from Pomegranate, the homewares store next door. Brightly painted, metal-based chairs and tables (apparently made in France), they added a happy touch to proceedings, but begged the question from more than one of us: Who wants to buy slightly scarred furniture that a bunch of other people have sat in or eaten at before?!

I did like the variety of outdoor umbrella patterns going on though.

Although there were often staff members popping outside to us or the other tables, and they seemed nice and all, the service was a bit amiss. We weren't brought any water, had to ask for sugar, borrowed pepper from the table next door, and a side of avocado was forgotten. It was like the staff were hungover from LIFE and had forgotten the basic necessities of service. It's the little things that count, y'know?

I'd been looking forward to the food: promised with all the exotic mystique of Middle Eastern, Greek and South American influences. I had the scrambled egg special, involving coriander, feta and a side of olives. Honestly, it was disappointing. The flavours weren't that outstanding, and I hate it when you have to butter your own bread. The egg part was okay but it was oozing juices that made my toast go soggy. I didn't mention that to my friend sitting next to me who has a phobia about soggy bread! She had some kind of avocado and tomato stuff on toast, which we both decided it looked a bit like spew. Apparently it tasted okay, though. Another friend had a baked egg, omelette style thing with bacon and tomato.

My scrambled egg special

Avocado & tomato stuff on toast


The best bit was the coffee, by Gravity Espresso. :)

Onward and upward... it was such a nice day, and I needed a change of scenery, so my friend and I headed for Brighton Beach. Even after four years in Melbourne, I still feel like a tourist sometimes - plus, I spend far too much time inner-city. So it was lovely taking in the sunshine, bathing boxes, beach bodies, sand and water. I'd remembered to wear sunscreen so I didn't burn myself lobster-red as usual, and we even had a soft-serve - great way to top off a most pleasant afternoon.

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