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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Gold Coast: Winter Getaway

In the winter months, everyone's thoughts seem to turn to holidays. What could be better than relaxing somewhere in the sun, rather than working somewhere in the cold? It's almost as though, to survive the cold and grey, we need a goal of warmth and light to work towards. Even if it's just a temporary sojourn.

Low tide at Surfer's Paradise Beach

This year, my parents and I met for a June long weekend in the Gold Coast. Uncharacteristically, the region was experiencing fairly consistent rainfall - so it wasn't exactly the sunny paradise we'd anticipated. Nonetheless, the temperature was a solid 10 degrees warmer than in Melbourne, so I was still happy. And, as it turns out, moody weather makes for better beach photos.

We mainly wandered between Surfer's Paradise, Broadbeach and the Nerang River, at one point ascending the popular SkyPoint building to visit its observation deck.

Inviting walkway to Surfer's Paradise Beach

View towards Surfer's Paradise Beach from our holiday apartment

Sun breaking through the clouds

Solitary runner

Surfer's seagulls congregating at night

Seagulls and shadows in the sand

Lifeguard hut on the Esplanade

Edward Hopper-esque

Nerang River

View over the Nerang to Surfer's

Looking north towards Main Beach from SkyPoint


Looking south towards Broadbeach from SkyPoint
(Nerang River on the right)

Moody beachy reflections

Tourists on Surfer's Paradise Beach at low tide