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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Red Spice Road QV

The Orchid Room at Red Spice Road QV

I'm feeling less than wordy today, so rather than an extensive recap in words, here are a bunch of pweeetty pictures from a work lunch at Red Spice Road QV (37 Artemis Lane, Melbourne) quite a few months ago. We were well looked after and the South-East Asian-inspired (essentially Thai) food was fantastic, both visually and taste-wise.

Snappy, clean and bright

Looking up towards the main dining area

Hangin' out

Large group table overlooking Lonsdale Street.
And some heavy dudes minding the windows.

Word on the street is that RSRQV is currently under renovation, reopening on 9 February, 2015 (I hope they don't do too much to their pretty events space, The Orchid Room). Meanwhile, the more traditional-looking original Red Spice Road venue (27 McKillop Street, Melbourne) is still open for business.

The Orchid Room at Red Spice Road QV.
I'd like a pond in my dining room, too.
Actually, I'd just like a dining room. 

Wine room behind The Orchid Room

Function space i.e. DANCE FLOOR

Moroccan-style function/canoodling space

I believe we requested the kitchen to "feed us" whatever they thought appropriate. There was a lot of food. We probably ended up trying most things that were listed on the menu at that time.

Probably all of the below captions are wrong, because I didn't write anything down, OOPSY.

Soft shell crab mini burgers

Fish curry

Son-in-law egg??

Pan-fried salmon

Excellent chilli chicken drumsticks

Pork belly... WOW

Betel leaves with lots of yummy shredded stuff

The drinks were pretty amazing, too.

Definitely mine, as it has a lychee



Finally, because it was a birthday, we had a festive dessert course:

Birthday boy looking suitably embarrassed

Birthday boy's special dessert

Share dessert platter

Due to the sheer amounts of space at this venue, it's probably best for large group meals - work or social events. Also, that means you can share more of the food... WINK WINK.

The restaurant often hosts seasonal events and offers set menus, which I generally find makes decision-making much easier.

OK - enough words - I'm sure the visuals are enough to whet your appetite!

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